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Red Veins & Skin Tag Removal

Red Vein and Skin Tag Removal is carried out by qualified experienced therapists using medically approved methods. Many GPs in Sligo refer their patients to Oona Doherty Beauty Clinic for expert removal of Red Veins and for face and body imperfections.

Red vein removal

Broken veins and spider naevi are treated very successfully by medically approved methods €80.00

Skin tag removal

Unsightly skin tags can successfully be removed from the face, neck midriff, back or underarms without a trace €85.00


“Whitehead” removal from around the delicate eye area €65.00

Skin will be temporarily sensitised after treatment and it is important to take special care of the area, especially in 48 hours afterwards to allow the skin to recover and help prevent infection of the treated area.

Avoid soap, antiperspirant, bath additives or perfumed products for 48 hours
No facial treatments, make up, or fake tan for 48 hours
No heat treatments i.e. saunas, sunbathing or sunbeds etc for 48 hours
Do not touch or pick any of the area in order to protect it from infection. Apply a specialised after-electrolysis lotion or antiseptic lotion
Avoid tight restrictive clothing on body area that has been treated. If small scabs appear on the body, this is part of the healing process and no attempt to lift scabs prematurely should be made
IPL; In addition, no fake tan for ten days after treatment.


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