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Award Winning Beauty Clinic

Please contact us on 0719145523 for your appointment, information or products.  Or mail us at or contact us through facebook.

Oona Doherty Beauty Clinic opened in October 1985 with an aim to provide you with the highest standards in Beauty Therapy by friendly, professional staff in warm, plush surroundings at the most competitive prices.


Our Mission, along with Alpha-H is to transform your skin, build it’s resilience and safeguard it’s health and vitality for a lifetime.

You can achieve this by committing to our simple, yet powerful 3-step approach:-

  • Activate your skin through proper cleansing
  • Reboot your skin through using our exclusive Accelerating Acids
  • Advocating for your skin daily using our vital protectors and nourishers.

Guinot Treatments

Guinot treatments and products are derived from science and nature, making Guinot the leading Beauty Clinic Brand.

By using the correct skin care and having a regular facial you will notice the difference in a very short time.

In the privacy of the treatment room, your Beauty Therapist can examine your skin without makeup and provide you with personalised advice.

Laser Hair Removal 

We are fast becoming Sligo’s destination “Superfast” Laser Hair Removal Clinic.  Using the most up to date technology to safely, and effectively, remove hair permanently.

Experienced therapists and state of the art technology produce great results.

Call for a free consultation. 

Beautiful brows and lashes

Choose between HD Brows, Henna Brows, Russian Lashes, Classic Lashes, Hybrid Lashes, LVL, Yumi Lashes and Microblading

We have a full selection of brow products in Salon or online.

The ultimate vitamin kit 🙌
✨Alpha H Vitamin Profiling Collection✨
Contains :
Vitamin A 0.05% Retinol (PM)
Vitmain B Moisture (AM/PM)
Vitamin C Clarity (AM)
Vitamin E Repair (AM/PM)

Suitable for all skin types
Must be used before your moisturiser
One serum AM / One serum PM

Available to purchase in salon💝

#alphah #vitamin #serum

Dealing with oily/ance/problematic skin?

Alpha H has an incredible 'Clear Skin' range that aims to targets pustuals and papules that appear on the skin. With ingredients like salicylic acid to break down the bacteria and niacinamide (vitamin B3) helping the normalise oil production of the skin.

For more information on these products or to book an Alpha H facial call us on 0719145523

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How amazing are LVL lashes 😍 a must have for actress Michelle Keegan - who is Nouveau Lashes Brand Ambassador 🙌

This treatment takes 1 hour to create a lifted lash that opens the eye and creates a long eyelash effect.

*24 hour patch test required for all new clients to LVL Lashes

To book call us on (071)9145523

#lvl #lashlift #NouveauLashes #michellekeegan #brandambassdor

Why we love Henna Brows😍

We can mix and match between SEVEN different shades of henna to find the exact shade that suits your complextion.

Henna is a natural substance derived from a plant that requires no developer to bring out the bespoke colours. And its 100% vegan!

We also map out your brows to ensure your brows hairs are growing in the correct position to create a sleek full brows.

24 hour patch test is required for new clients to Henna

To book you appointment call us on (071)9145523

#hennabrows #browtechnician

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