You may wonder what is the difference between shellac, nail overlays and nail extensions, (aka gel nails)? Shellac is a blend of nail polish and gel. It acts like a polish, so can’t be used to extend your nail. But because it behaves like a gel, however, it does add strength and durability. As a result long term use of Shellac is much less damaging to nails than traditional Gels.  Shellac was the first hybrid polish, produced by a company called creative nail design CND, and you can expect manicures to last about two weeks. Some may find that the chip-free finish lasts longer than this, but it’s recommended that you get them removed after 14 days as by this time your own nail will have started to grow out. This will begin from about a week to ten days you will begin to notice your own nail growing out, a French Paint is much less noticeable as it grows out than a strong colour, like a red or cerise.

Whilst gel overlays involve the application of the gel directly to the natural nail, gel nail extensions involve applying an artificial tip to the end of the nail to add length, Overlays can also be applied to toenails. Shellac, overlays and gel nail extensions are all cured under a UV lamp.

While Shellac can be removed by you at home, or in a salon, gel overlays or gel extensions need to be removed professional in a salon.  To remove Shellac at home, start by soaking a small piece of cotton in the acetone nail polish remover and set it on your fingernail. Next step is to wrap the fingertip in aluminum foil, and repeat this process with all your fingers. Let the foil wrapped around your fingertips remain undisturbed for approximately 10 minutes.

To protect your nails from undue damage, use a cuticle oil every day over your Shellac or gel. This is really important to maintain a healthy nail.  CND recommend ‘Solar oil’, available in small or medium sizes for retail purchase.

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