Laser Hair Removal

New at Oona Doherty Beauty Clinic is the Medical Grade, FDA approved, Diode laser 808. This Laser hair removal system uses the most up to date technology to safely, and effectively, remove hair permanently.


Get an extra 10% discount when you pay for a course of six.

Upper Back of Shoulder€79.00
Consultation & Patch test (refundable when course is paid for).€20.00
Back Shoulders & Upper Arm€95.00
Full Leg€135.00
Full Leg & Bikini€145.00
½ Leg€68.00
Lip & Chin€39.00
Lip & Sides Or Chin Sides€59.00
Lip, Chin & Sides€59.00
Top ½ Leg & Bikini€89.00

New at Oona Doherty Beauty Clinic is the Medical Grade, FDA approved, Diode laser 808. This Laser hair removal system uses the most up to date technology to safely, and effectively, remove hair permanently.

In the seventies it was discovered that laser light, used for the treatment of veins, can cause a reduction of hair growth. Scientific research has shown that the diode laser gave the best treatment results for permanent hair removal. However, Laser machine’s are like mobile phone’s and the technology moves on every year. At Oona Doherty we are using the newest machine in Sligo. The Diode 808 uses the latest technology and is suitable for all skin-types. Treatment with the diode laser 808 is almost painless.

The treatment method using the diode laser has been especially developed to be suitable for all skin-types, including dark to very dark skin! Unlike the light used for IPL treatment, laser-light has a one wave-length, so that with a higher output it can reach the roots which lie deeper in the skin as well. The most important characteristics of laser-light are the unique wave-length of the light and the concentration of energy.

The lasers which are used for permanent hair removal use a type of light which is absorbed by the pigment below the hair follicle. It causes a selective heating of hair follicles deep within the skin. In a fraction of second the diode laser delivers its energy. The short energy release is just long enough to destroy the hair follicle and short enough to not cause damage to the surrounding skin structures and the upper layer of the skin. A unique cooling system in the treatment-head further protects the skin during the release of diode laser energy.

Hair grows in three phases:
*the anagen phase;
*the catagen phase;
*the telogen phase.

The anagen phase is the growth phase. During the catagen phase growth and pigment formation
stop and the hair is just pushed out of the hair follicle. The telogen phase is the rest phase. Only 
visible growing hair can be treated, this is hair in the anagen phase.

Loose, dormant and not yet 
visible hair doesn’t absorb enough light and cannot be treated effectively. Therefore you will need repeat treatments. For the best result you will need on average 5 tot 8 treatments.
You will see the effect after 2 to 4 weeks – some of the treated hair will start to loosen and hairless
 areas will develop. You mustn’t sunbathe or use a sun bed 4 weeks before and during your treatment.

It is recommended that you do not go in the sun for one month after treatment. In
addition we recommend you don’t use self-tanning lotions from 2 weeks before until 1 week after 
the treatment, as they contain a substance which reacts to light. The hair follicles which have been effectively treated can never produce hair again. You can expect an estimated hair reduction between 80% 
to 90%.

At least 4 to 6 weeks before the treatment you will need to stop waxing or epilating, because the 
hair is needed in order to conduct the effective heat inwards. During the treatment you also mustn’t 
epilate or wax. Shaving, however, is permitted.

On the day beforehand you will need to shave the target area, preferably 
with a disposable laser. Do not use razors or shaving systems which pull the hair out a small bit
 before, because the hair will sink back into the skin afterwards and therefore cannot be used to 
conduct the heat. 
Only the for the first appointment you should come unshaven, so that we judge the target area and
 can make a photo in order to compare.


Skin will be temporarily sensitised after treatment and it is important to take special care of the area, especially in 48 hours afterwards to allow the skin to recover and help prevent infection of the treated area.

  • Avoid soap, antiperspirant, bath additives or perfumed products for 48 hours
  • No facial treatments, make-up, or fake tan for 48 hours
  • No heat treatments i.e. saunas, sunbathing or sunbeds etc for 48 hours
  • Do not touch or pick any of the area in order to protect it from infection.
  • Apply a specialised after-electrolysis lotion or antiseptic lotion
  • Avoid tight restrictive clothing on body area that has been treated.
  • If small scabs appear on the body, this is part of the healing process and no attempt to lift scabs prematurely should be made
  • IPL; in addition, no fake tan for ten days after treatment.



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