Lycon Wax (New)

Lycon Californian€26.00
Lycon Brazilian€40.00
Lycon Hollywood€50.00

Facial Waxing

(using a gentle facial wax for delicate facial skin)

Brow Trim & Shape€13.00
Lip & Chin€16.00
Lip, Chin & Sides€24.00

Body Waxing

(using a silk wax to gently remove unwanted hair)

Full Leg & Bikini€34.00
Full Leg€32.00
Full Leg & Holiday High€39.00
Full Leg & Californian€48.00
Full Leg & Brazilian€59.00
Full Leg & Hollywood€60.00
Arm Wax€18.00
½ Leg / ½ Arm€16.00
½ Leg & Bikini€27.00
½ Leg & Underarm€26.00
½ Leg & Back of Thigh€25.00
½ Leg & Holiday High€29.00
Top ½ leg€18.00
Top ½ Leg & Holiday High€28.00
Top½ Leg Brazilian€44.00
Top½ Leg Californian€29.00
Top½ Leg Holiday High€28.00
Top½ Leg Hollywood€47.00
Top½ except Bikini€18.00
¾ Leg €22.00
¾ leg & Bikini€32.00
¾ leg & Californian€36.00
Back of Thigh€10.00
Bikini Line€12.00
Hand Wax€8.00
Backup to €38.00
Back, Upper, Lower & Shoulders€59.00
Back Upper & Lower€38.00
Back Wax Shoulder & Lower€37.00
Chest (Areola area)€16.00
Chest (Areola area) & Cleavage€18.75
Chest & Abdomen €36.00
Chest Wax Men€28.00
Back Wax Ladies€34.00

Specialised Waxing (using Cool Wax)

Bikini Wax €12.00
Holiday High€13.00

After Waxing (for 48 hours)

  • No sunbathing or sun bed treatments
  • No steam room
  • No sauna or any heat treatments
  • No bath/showers
  • No hot water bottles
  • No swimming in chlorinated water
  • No aerobics
  • No moisturiser
  • No body lotion
  • No body sprays/deodorants
  • No perfume
  • No talc
  • No make-up
  • No fake tan
  • No tights, leggings or tight jeans
  • No friction of the skin whatsoever


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